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Uniform European payment system

Within the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area), all euro payments, i.e. sending money within the SEPA area, and all direct debits across Europe are carried out according to the uniform SEPA payment procedures.

Easy to use

Private customers can send money within the SEPA area at any time, online, at self-service kiosks and at a branch. To pay with a SEPA direct debit, all you need to do is to provide the payment recipient with a SEPA direct debit mandate.


Benefit from uniform payment standards across Europe.

Send money using SEPA transfers

The new instrument for cross-border Euro bank payments to all SEPA countries.

SEPA direct debit

SEPA direct debits make it easy to pay for transactions by direct debit – both in Germany and any other Eurozone country.

SEPA country list

For a list of all of the countries that are part of the SEPA scheme, please see here.

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